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L    Gadaba language has numerals only  upto five.   Counting

above five is done by way of addition and multiplication.


1    One = /ina : y u/

two = /mba : ru/

three = /igge : nu/

four = /u : nu/

/pu : nja/

five = /moley/

2.1.   /moley/is not familiar   to   ibe   younger  generation.

They know only upto four = /  u : nu/

3.     / u : nu/ and /pu : nja/  both the words mean four^ but

/punja/ is used only as  a colletive noun  to express groups

of four,    /pu : nja/   is   used   in      multiplication     as   in

/mba : rpu : nja/ = two fours, to mean eight. This usage is

similar to our saying dozen for twelve.

4.    They have two words to denote hundred.

/bo :/ and /kande/

5.    For counting numbers from six to eleven,   five is taken as

the base.   Mode of counting above five is based on additions

to five.

/moley uttey mu : yu / = over five one = 5+1.

/moley uttey mba : ru/ = over five two = 5+2.

6.    Numbers higher than nine are made up both by multiplication

and addition.

For eleven

/mba ; ru moley uttey mu : y u/

= over two fives one " = 2X5 + 1.